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rufuslily's Journal

Through These Times: a Rufus/Lily LJ community
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The rufuslily community was created on October 10, 2007 by unposed and is currently maintained by fashi0nqueen and margnleesfan. The subject of this community is discussion and appreciation of the relationship between Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen, from CW's Gossip Girl. You may post anything related to the characters (Rufus and Lily) or the actors (Matthew and Kelly), pictures, spoilers, articles, news, fanart, fanfiction, anything. However, there are a few rules you need to follow...

Icons: Only three preview icons are allowed per post. Please either put the rest of the batch behind a cut or link to the actual icon post.
Fanart: If you'd like to post a preview, post a thumbnail and put the artwork behind a cut.
Pictures: Please only post thumbnails and link them to the actual photos. You are allowed to post three thumbnails as preview.
Fanfiction: Only the header of a fanfic is allowed to be seen on the community's front page. The story has to be put behind a cut. If there are adult contents, please put a warning in the header.
News and articles: You can make a summary or describe the article you're going to post and put the actual article behind a cut. Also remember to cite/link back to your source.
Spoilers: Needless to say, all spoilers must go behind a cut and don't forget to cite/link back to your source.

If you have any relevant comments or questions, please contact fashi0nqueen or margnleesfan by private LJ message. :)

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